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Market Research & Intelligence

Market Intelligence gathers relevant data from a plethora of sources inside and outside of companies. Semantic enrichment and processing turn data into actionable information. Real-time dashboarding helps keeping track of latest developments, emerging trends and market potentials.

  • Find out what your customers need
  • Monitor competitors and new, emerging trends
  • Tailor products and services to actual needs
  • Leverage cross-selling through individual recommendations
  • Facilitate the optimization of contact centers

Enterprise Intelligence

Imagine sifting through and analysing all structured and unstructured information within the enterprise: data, text, even audio, video and images. Intelligent, semantic processing achieves by automated means what is not feasible for manual treatment. This dramatically improves the quality and coverage of business decisions.

  • Findability increases productivity and efficiency of daily work
  • Find information and experts easily
  • Establish a 360° view on all relevant information
  • Support crowdsourcing and link-up with colleagues
  • Facilitate innovation by new perspectives on information

Information Warehouse

Information Warehouses go beyond the limitations of databases and data warehouses that are costly to maintain and adapt to the constant evolution of new requirements in living organisations.

  • Gain increased speed and flexibility for data source integration
  • Integrate unstructured data with text, audio, video and image analytics
  • Support complex ad-hoc queries for interactive use
  • Real-time search and alerting
  • Ease of use through "point-and-click" paradigm

Federal Intelligence

Federal Intelligence helps law enforcement, juridicial bodies and intelligence services identify relevant information in large corpora of data, e.g., computers seized under a warrant, case documents, surveillance captures or registers of public organisations. The immense amount of information and the semantic complexity of analysis tasks typically make it impossible to obtain the proper pieces of information in time by just using traditional means.

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